I have a lot of pent up teen angst that needs to be released! I think I’ll watch some depressing movies and sulk. Maybe kill off some of my Sims for some really demented and sadistic humor. Wow, I’m creepy.


derek trucks

Learn. Love. Be Amazed.

and she was…

… A barracuda.

My boyfriend and our neighbor are rocking out to rock band. Not the game, mind you. A real rock band.

all work and no play…

… Makes Ashley a very, very, very tired girl. The no play isn’t entirely true, as noted by my last post. I got a night out with my girls. A much needed night out, might I add. We drank, we played cornhole, we danced,¬†and we even sang. After all that partying I came home and went straight to bed only to be awoken the next morning at 8AM to go get my boyfriends car. I was not in the mood to be awake, but reality had to step back in. I felt fine all day, but work dragged on and on and on (x2000). Today/tonight should be much better. There are some great people working tonight so I know our job will not only be done properly, but in a fun and (hopefully) stress free way.

If I could, though, I would eat the rest of these yummy donuts and lay down and do nothing all day.

and then she was…

… a little bit under the weather. However, it’s no ones fault but my own. I suppose I had a little TOO much fun last night. It was a much needed night out with my girls and friends from work. A more substantial post later, though. I have to get ready for work.

top two things…

… that are amazing about this picture:

Andi, Rob, Tim, and me

Andi, Rob, Tim, and me

  1. I am really, really, really short compared to my boyfriend and my friends.
  2. We all look really stoic and creepy; much like old Civil War photos.

In honor of…

… my little brother.

Who, might I add, ain’t so little anymore. My younger brother (that’s a little more appropriate since he towers over me), as I mentioned posts ago, has joined the MARINES. I’m beyond proud of him and I’m in awe that he is so much more brave than I was at his age and I’ll ever be. He’s my little hero and I know he’ll make this country proud, no matter where he goes.

I finally got around to adding the pictures from my digital camera to my computer and I wanted to share with the world wide web and all my new blogging buddies how awesome (and handsom, single ladies) Ryan is. Give him some props and some words of encouragement, I know he’d like to read them.

He’ll be embarrassed I posted these pictures, and even more mad that I’m bragging about him constantly — But, he deserves it. I love him to pieces.

Ryan - Pre Graduation
Ryan – Pre Graduation
Me and Ryan - Post Graduation
Me and Ryan – Post Graduation
Makes me almost cry over how happy and proud I am of him! Time to dig out my old USMC shirts.